Our Memory Trees

For every loved one we look after, we plant a tree in their memory and you receive a certificate too!

We can make a difference together.

At Essex Direct Cremations, we are focused on reducing our impact on the planet. That’s why we plant one tree for every loved one we care for, so that we are giving something back to the planet.

We work with a reforestation programme that only plants trees in community woodlands, nature reserves and community farms, to ensure the trees are planted and maintained properly, so they live to maturity.

How does it work?

You will receive a Tree Planting certificate which has a unique number, which you can enter on the My Tree page, to find details of the tree species and the woodland location where your trees are planted. 


In order to keep the woodlands as natural as possible they do not mark the trees in any way so, though you can visit the wood, you can not identify individually dedicated trees. Each tree that is dedicated should be seen as a contribution to a woodland.


We also ask that anyone visiting the woodlands to respect their natural surroundings and not mark the trees in any way or place any labels, plaques, flowers or ashes near the trees.